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About Us


About Us
POWERMAXMA is an international company specialising in power products. Our products are manufactured globally, including in China, Thailand, India and Turkey in accordance with Australian and European Conformity (CE) standards. Our global offices across the world strive to achieve and maintain the highest standards in professionalism and commitment to customer service. Our Middle East head office is based in Jebel Ali and Dubai, United Arab Emirates where we cater to the entire Middle East and North Africa.

POWERMAXMA commits itself to the distribution, sales, technical and customer support for a whole range of our power products. We have had the opportunity to work closely with our customers across many different industries, including, Electric Power Suppliers, Telecom, Oil, Education, Health Care, Construction, Railways, Customs offices, Insurance companies and Postal Services. This experience, along with our close relationships with our suppliers and shareholders, has granted us the unique ability to strive to the highest levels of networking, excellent service and support. It is through this ongoing experience that we have maintained an unwavering commitment to leading the way in Power Solution.

Mission & Vision

At PowerMaxma our goal, our mission and our purpose are to provide, maintain and persist in the service of power supply. We envision a world in which we operate…

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Global Presence

PowerMaxma has established itself on the global scene with a presence in the Middle East North Africa (MENA), Africa and also Central Asia. Our main head offices are in Dubai UAE, Baghdad Iraq and Erbil Iraq.

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PowerMaxma History

UPS and Batteries have long been available in the region, but PowerMaxma has been able not only to supply a sustained and reliable service and production.
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  • Inception at this year in Middle East & Africa
  • Australia, 101 Moreland Road, Coburg, Victoria
  • Set up in Beirut, Istanbul and Saudi Arabia
  • Association with UPS manufacturer, China
  • Association with Battery manufacturer, China
  • Founded and registered in Middle East & Africa
  • Office: UAE ( United Arab Emirates), P.O Box 17255 Dubai
  • Set Up Baghdad, Senna Street, Next to university of Technology-Baghdad
  • Company R& D China & India.
  • Association with Luminous inverter manufacturing in India

  • New Stage in Solar Energy Management
  • ISO Registered.
  • Set up Erbil Kurdistan, Iraq Once 2013
  • Solar Green Energy Introduced in Bigger Scale

  • Set up in Basra, Iraq
  • New GenerationVoltage Regulator(AC Stabilizers)
  • Malaysia Dealers Meet
  • Set up in Western Iraq

  • Set up 2nd office Baghdad, University Gate
  • Association with Schneider Electric for Solar Projects.
  • New Set up in Karbala
  • New Technology for Decade 2020
  • Battery Gel Tub
    Online UPS G5
    Inverter iCruze
    Hybrid Solar Inverter