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PowerMaxma History

History of PowerMaxma:

UPS and Batteries have long been available in the region, but PowerMaxma has been able not only to supply a sustained and reliable service and production to the people of the Middle East and Africa, but PowerMaxma has had the unique and privileged opportunity to provide education and training to the safety and standards of power product use and utilisation in the community.

Since its inception PowerMaxma has remained committed to the provision and maintenance of a sustained and reliable power product provision and service.

The Early Years 1999-2003

PowerMaxma started its production and sales at the turn of the millennium. Its initial production off the exciting new and revolutionary production belts of Taiwan and China, PowerMaxma started to gain popularity and traction due to its quality and reliability.

Registered initially in Dubai, UAE, PowerMaxma started to find its market in Iraq, Yemen, Central Asia, North Africa andSub-Saharan Africa. PowerMaxma was supported with a well situated and strong head office in 1999 in the Jebel Ali Free Zone and Dubai UAE.

In 1999 the first Iraq branch opened in Baghdad and started its product building in the region.PowerMaxma was unique in its ability through investing in local relationships and hard work on reputation to establish direct warehouse access, storage and distribution ability in an area of much need.Its early years as with any founding company endured hard work, patience and persistence.

The Next Decade 2003-2013

The following decade of PowerMaxma saw multiple challenges with the political power changeinIraq, the subsequent years of turmoil and unrest in the region. Despite this ongoing hardship for the local region, PowerMaxma persevered and sustained its level of production,distribution and service to the Iraqi People and the people of the region.

PowerMaxmaalso witnessed the unrest of theArab Spring and further uncertainty, but with determinationand integrity, it continued to develop itself as a strong well performing brand for the people in the region.

PowerMaxma was initially based in Dubai and Jebel Ali and has since grown to have branches in Erbil, Baghdad, Basra and Karbalaa remaining committed to service and product provision for the rest of the Middle East and Africa.

The Global Financial Crisis shocked the world and brought many to their knees. PowerMaxma, with true grit founded in its ethos maintained its level of service and continued to deliver quality power products to all people of the region.

It is with this unique background and experience that differentiates and makes PowerMaxma the product and brand that people trust today.

The start of Growth 2013-2020

In the last several years PowerMaxma has had the early phase of its growth and partnership development with our sister companies in India and China.

PowerMaxma has a unique relationship with Luminous India where production of product, human resources and training and business strategy is shared and synergistically evolving.

It is this long commitment and dedication to service that is unmatched and unchallenged in this region.

History of our Founder

Born in Iraq, educated in the USA, trained in Australia and with over 20 years of experience in Business in the Middle East and Arica, our founder and leader Mr Louay Katib has instilled in PowerMaxma a truly unique blend of knowledge, creativity and integrity.

After graduating from the University of PittsburghPennsylvania USA in Mechanical Engineering, Mr Louay Katib began his early career in Melbourne Australia. Soon after starting his own business in the 1980’s selling computers, at a time of revolutionary change, he took on the challenge of starting the Middle East branch of a large Australian based international computer company.

Over the period of the 1990’s in the rapidly growing period of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates Mr Louay Katib recognised early the growing need of the region and in particular the need for continuous power supply and solutions. He played an essential role in identifying, capitalising and achieving a unique position in the space of power product production which has become what we now know as PowerMaxma.

Mr Louay Katib continues to build and lead a truly remarkable team all dedicated to perfecting a brand that people can depend on.